Become a guest author on our blog.

Our blog is where we can share your ideas and experiences. Here’s what we’re looking for and what we need from you.

What we’re looking for

We may be called “Content Design” London, but we are open to guest posts from anyone with an interest in human centred design. You could be a UX writer, a service designer, a user researcher, or just someone with an interest in words.

We would love to hear:

  • your design experience that will be interesting to other content designers,
  • how you have tackled challenges in your work,
  • ideas that are new, topical, or challenge existing thinking.

What we need from you

Our blog posts are generally:

  • concise (500 to 800 words),
  • written in plain language,
  • free from technical jargon.

We sometimes accept longer blog posts. We may split these into several posts.

We follow the Readability Guidelines as our style guide, and take an ethical approach to design that supports people and their wellbeing.

Guest blog posts must:

  • promote ethical and inclusive approaches to design,
  • be well written, accessible and useful.

What you get from us

We are all about sharing ideas and we’d love to share yours. Our blog is read by over 2000 people every month.

If we publish your post, we'll pay you £100 for your idea and writing. This means the post must be exclusive to Content Design London (CDL). You should not publish it anywhere else.

You are free, however, to add the post to your own personal blog as long as CDL is the canonical source.

We'll also share your post on our email newsletter and social channels.

Send a guest blog post

Before you get started, please get in touch with your idea. You should include:

  • a short paragraph about yourself,
  • a draft title,
  • a summary of what your blog post is about,
  • who your audience is and why your blog post will be interesting or helpful to them.

We'll respond to let you know if we are interested, and give you a deadline.

Send us your guest blog post idea.

Finalising your post

When you send your blog post, we'll ask you to include a short biography that explains who you are and what you do (50 words).

When you submit a guest blog post, we'll:

  • review the post internally for style and content,
  • let you know our comments and any changes required,
  • publish the post if it meets our standards and guidelines,
  • attribute the post to you as a guest author.

The final decision to publish your post is CDL's.