Join the Content Club

Meet content people from around the world to share best practices, learn from each other, and have conversations about the future of content design.

What it is

Content Club is a free meeting place for people with a passion for human-centred design and content. You can join no matter your location, background or experience.

Content Club is run by community members and sponsored by Content Design London.

Content Club members include people who work:

  • in content design, human-centred design, or other writing,
  • in a new role, or have been doing it for a while,
  • alone and want to be part of a community,
  • in a team and want to share best practices.

What you’ll get

When you sign up, you’ll get:

  • access to a thriving Slack community,
  • the chance to join online weekly coffee and a chat meetups,
  • invitations to monthly “Pep talks” where you’ll hear from professionals across a range of industries and fields of expertise,
  • opportunities to share your work and get feedback,
  • information about jobs and opportunities,
  • the chance to help shape the community, create and lead events, and make suggestions.

You can join in as much as you want.

All events and meet-ups are free, and speakers are paid for their time.

How to join

Content Club is free to join.

Email for an invite.