Content Design, second edition - Paperback and eBook bundle

Sarah Winters (internationally renowned leader and founder of Content Design London) and content designer Rachel Edwards explain how to use content design techniques to make your content better for your users, and your organisation.

They explain:

  • what content design is,
  • why content design is different from other types of writing,
  • how to use data and evidence to create good content,
  • who to involve in content creation.

Using real-world and imagined examples, this practical guide supports you through the content design process one step at a time. This second edition includes updated case studies and a new chapter on journey mapping.

What’s in the book

  • Chapter 1: Why content design matters
  • Chapter 2: The science of reading
  • Chapter 3: Content discovery and research
  • Chapter 4: User stories and job stories
  • Chapter 5: Journey mapping
  • Chapter 6: Bringing your organisation with you
  • Chapter 7: Designing content
  • Chapter 8: Writing content
  • Chapter 9: Pair writing
  • Chapter 10: Crits
  • Chapter 11: Finished pages

What's included in the bundle

  • Print edition: deepen your understanding of content design with this beautifully designed softcover edition.
  • Digital eBook (ePub): enjoy the flexibility of reading on your devices, anywhere, anytime.
  • Printable certificate and badge: Download to complete and let your colleagues know how awesome you truly are.

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