Book us for your event

As experienced content designers and human-centred practitioners, we love to share what we know. Here’s how to book us for your event.

Whether it’s a small community event or a large industry conference, we’re here for it.

But before our name is listed on any lineup, there are a few things we’d like to check with you.

What we need from you

We’re committed to diversity, equity and inclusion, and we want to participate in events that share our values.

Please tell us:

  • what steps you’re taking towards diversity for your event,
  • how you curated the lineup if you have more than 1 speaker,
  • what you’re doing to make your event as accessible and inclusive as possible.

We also need to know:

  • when it’s happening,
  • where it’s happening,
  • what you’d like us to speak about,
  • which members of our team you’d like to participate.

Learn more about our team and their expertise.


We know that events come in all shapes and sizes. We’re happy to discuss our speaker’s fees and expenses with you.

Send us your event proposal

  • What is the purpose of your event? Who is the audience?

  • Is there a particular team mate you would like at your event? (required)

  • Tell us what you'd like us to speak about and what format that might take. For example, would you like us to take part in a panel discussion at your conference? Or would you like us to come on your podcast?

  • For example, if it's a conference: how have you made sure you have a diverse range of speakers and an accessible venue? If it's a podcast, will you provide transcripts?

  • Please give us details of any speaker fee you're offering and any travel and expenses paid, if applicable.