Listen to content designers around the world share their design challenges and different ways of solving them.

Episode 4: How wider digital education could have a big impact

Sarah sits down with Kat Igiezele to talk about content design in Nigeria.

They discuss how mobile is slowly becoming the default in Nigeria, and how that works with large variations in digital skill levels. They also explore how content is usually produced and communicated in a country with over 500 local languages.

Kat tells us about their UX writing program, UX Content Champ, and how they want to expand digital education for young people. They also celebrate the success of the recent content design conference in Nigeria, run by UX writers Africa, which was attended by a wide range of people working in different digital roles.

Sarah and Kat touch on why community is important, how it lets content designers share opportunities and support each other.

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Episode 3: Finding a place for content design

In this episode, Sarah Winters talks to Ghada Kandil, the owner of a consultancy, who is working hard to get content design on the map.

Ghada brings us up to speed on what it’s like working in digital in Egypt. She explains how confident people in Egypt are with technology, and how mobile apps and images are used to help people with low literacy skills have access to important information.

Ghada also tells us about her mission to make content design a more integrated part of the design sector in Egypt. She shares the challenges she faces convincing people they need content teams involved from the beginning.

Sarah and Ghada also talk about where information architecture fits into content design and how it helps make content better for users.

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Episode 2: Content design in paper-first organisations

In this episode Sarah Winters chats to Persis Howe, a content lead who has worked on large scale projects across both the US and UK government.

Using their wide range of knowledge and experience, Persis shares the differences and similarities between working in UK and US government digital teams. They discuss how people’s mental models differ between the 2 countries when it comes to interacting with government services, and the challenges that can cause content designers.

Persis also looks back to their time at the Government Digital Service (GDS). They talk us through building and running the GDS content community, and how important it is to have a team of designers who just want to do a good job.

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Episode 1: Growing the content design community in France

In this episode, Sarah Winters talks to Gladys Diandoki about the content design community in France.

Having worked for some of the biggest companies in the world, including Google and Renault, Gladys tells us about their journey to becoming a content designer.

Sarah and Gladys discuss how content design resources being mostly in English can have a big impact on content people around the world. They look at the barriers this can cause non-English speaking people when it comes to developing their content design knowledge and skills.

They also talk about the growing content design community in France, and what the community is doing to make the profession more inclusive and widely recognised.

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